Contemporary Artist b. 1986

About me

“If the human brain was simple enough for us to understand we would be too simple to understand it” Pugh. E.M.

My Practice is a playful interpretation of social conditioning and its effect on mental health. Working with bright and bold colours, my paintings contradict the negativity and invite questioning.

Through looking at images we are exposed to from an early age I aim to offer a new way of thinking about the ideas and preconceptions we were encouraged to make as children; which can lead to prejudices and stereotyping.

Acrylic Paint has recently become my preferred medium, in which I create large scale paintings on canvas. With my past work encompassing a wide range of materials such as Ink, Oil, Photography and Film, which I will use again if the need arises. The decision to focus on Acrylic is due to the fact that within my work I use bold colours and lines, much associated with children's cartoons. I also use this technique as a form of catharsis and hope it will speak to the viewer in a cathartic manner too.

January 20th 2008 10.12pm; Phone call to my parents from the London Police Station.. “Is this Mrs Jones, mother of Sian Jones? I am sorry to inform you that Sian has been hit by an Underground train; she is alive, however she has sustained very serious injuries. She has fractured her femur, ribs and skull and is in a coma. Sian is being treated at the intensive care unit at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.” little did I know at that time that this this negative event would, in time, present me with positive opportunities.

On April 7th 2008 I was discharged from Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey with the determination to produce art again. By having first hand experience of the fragility of life I can give a well-informed comment on this within my practice and hopefully the viewer, as well as myself, can gain a positive response from it.