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Contemporary Artist b. 1986

About me

Hello, my name is Sian Jones. I am an independent new candidate.

I would offer Guernsey a fresh new perspective as a Deputy.

I would represent, support and speak up for the community and individuals who had been waiting too long to be heard.

I care very strongly about the Island and the well-being of my fellow Islanders.

In June 2018 I moved back to Guernsey from London. Living in Westminster was a great experience and taught me a lot, however it made me realise how much I missed the beauty of Guernsey and I am very appreciative to live back here permanently.

Moving back to Guernsey coincided with my public art project ‘Notes to Islanders’. Working with Guernsey Mind and the Guernsey Arts Commission the aim was to help dispel the stigma of Mental Health. ‘Notes to Islanders’ also gave me the chance to speak to the public and listen to the issues raised.

The areas I specialise in are

- arts and culture

- Education

- Environment

- Equality

- Health Care

- Mental Health

However I would not be limited to these 6 areas.

I would like to encourage awareness of the importance of the arts

Stop the 2 school programme.

Tackle climate change

Help implement the anti discrimination laws

Investigate ways to help ensure health care workers receive the pay rise they deserve

Support easier access to medicinal cannabis

Ensure mental health care is more accessible

Focus on the Island’s infrastructure yo help rebuild the economy post Covid-19

And say no to GST

As an empathetic, hard working and passionate person I like to get things done effectively and efficiently.

I have a strong character and leadership skills. I enjoy speaking to people and hearing different points of view.

I believe I can help the Guernsey Community Thrive and I hope to have secured your vote on the 7th October.